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. we welcome back secretary of defense heritage foundation senior fellow peter brooks. gentleman, you see these descriptions, the confidence level is varying degrees of confidence. it was done on a small scale. yet, you already have senator john mccain and others saying it's time for the united states to arm the rebels. what's your take on this, please? >> well, we put ourselves in a very complex and difficult position. you know, 70,000 murdered. we've now publicly stated this is a red line employment of chemical weapons. it's very likely they have been employed already twice an will again, but, the use of u.s. military power in a situation like this is inadvisable. what do we do? we go against scud missiles, artillery units, mortars, syrian air force. it's hard to imagine military power from the air, a clean strike as having any real results. so, you know, it's hard to bluff in public on the employment of u.s. military power. by the way, we're cutting back sequestration, carriers not deploying to the region. the signals aren't good. >> general mccaffrey, quickly, as a follow-up to th
, peter brookes c.i.a. officer has written a book and many articles on chechen terrorism. i don't know how you make a connection or understand a connection with the two men. when are we to understand to take away that conflict half a world away and what we watched behind us monday? >> we don't know what was behind the attacks. what was their purpose of it. there is potential connection back to chechnya. there are islamist militants that have been involved in terrible attacks there, attacks on schools, sub ways and theaters in moscow and the concern is -- these groups are associated with al-qaeda. i want to know is there an international connection. were they cad calized abroad? how did they learn to make these bombs? did they learn it from internet or trained by somebody? my real concern we're in a new territory. this is new page in the war on terror. it could be the new normal. we have to be very concerned about it. >> bill: peter, what do you mean a new page. i've got ten seconds, define that? >> this is the first time we had a bomb exploded in the united states. we done the mow what mot
you. >>> coming up the next hour, peter brooke e brookes and did miss some major pieces of evidence? and chris laurence spoke to some of the stunned classmates at umass dartmouth, and we will hear what they had to say. >> residents of west, texas evacuated after that deadly fertilizer explosion begin picking up the pieces. you are watching "early start." (announcer) friskies. now serving breakfast. so we're always 100% flake free... ...while smelling 100% handsome. [ josh ] and with a double dose of confidence like that... mmmmmm. ...good happens. [ sniffs ] ahhh! [ male announcer ] head & shoulders with old spice. head & shoulders and old spice are now together in one bottle, so i'm 100% flake free and smell 100% handsome. mmmmmm. is this the way you guys always record sound? yes it is. [ sniffs ] ahhh! [ male announcer ] head & shoulders with old spice. love your passat! um. listen, gary. i bought the last one. nice try. says right here you can get one for $199 a month. you can't believe the lame-stream media, gary. they're all gone. maybe i'll get one. [ male announcer ] now ever
analyst barry mccaffrey and peter brooks. thanks so much for joining us. general mccaffrey, how serious is this situation with north korea? it's so easy to get -- we've been listening to him, his father, his grandfather for decades now, it sounds the same after a while. is it different this time? >> well, i think it'd be irresponsible of us not to take him seriously. we've got to remind ourselves, things have changed. they probably have as many as a dozen nuclear weapons. and in my judgment within a year or so, they'll be able to fire an intermediate range missile with a nuke on it. we've got to remind ourselves, in the '90s, they killed, murders, starved to death 2 million of their own people. i think they are a threat. they've got 70-something odd submarines. i think this time, most impressive thing i've seen, secretary hagel saying we're starting reinvestment in ballistic missile defense. >> are they a threat to the united states? and the reason i ask, there have been these pictures of kim jong-un standing in front of maps which outline an attack to the united states. >> that map is
me is peter brookes, former deputy assistant secretary of defense and senior fellow with the heritage foundation. peter, welcome back to the show. how worried should we be about this? >> well, we have to be concerned about this because north korea has the capabilities to undertake some terrible things so you can not dismiss it but there is obviously some rhetoric here. the messages are meant for internal audiences. he is trying to develop this new leader, is trying to develop a cult of personality to burnish his credentials with his people. he is also sending a strong signal to the new government in seoul, korea, and united states and its national security team as well as to china which is one of its supporters. there is a lot of dynamics going on here. melissa: how dangerous is the restarting the facility itself? some reports early on said this was, they were just creating energy. that is why they were restarting it. others now more rhetoric saying it is more weaponry. what do you believe is really going on in there? >> well it is just the latest step for them to ratchet up the press
militant islamist movement is in his words, alive, kicking and killing. peter brookes, senior fellow for national security affairs at the heritage foundation joins us now. peter, good to see you. you write, in fact, time to wake up and smell the jihad. what do you mean? >> yeah. well, i was looking at beyond boston, the terrible tragedy up there and i did a quick search online of just news items and just, taking a number of things, i found that over the last two weeks there have been tens of attacks or plots around the world, in some 10 countries on four continents, killing 3 to 400 people. i mean, gregg, in iraq, in one single day there were 25 separate bombings. in pakistan in one day there were eight separate bombings. gregg: yeah. >> in libya there was an attack on the french embassy. so this is, we need to pay attention to what is going on. we're in the post-usama bin laden era but we're not in the post terrorism or post-al qaeda era. gregg: so when president obama claims as he did on the campaign trail early and often, quote, al qaeda is on the path to defeat, is he mistaken? i
, and what it would do with our already tense relations with russia. we have pete peter brooks. thank you for joining us, matthew, what do you make of fact they are from chechnya? is that a piece of a puzzle. the uncle is anguished and trying to tell us that is not relevant but i suspect it is. >> we don't know yet, why these boys decided to do what they did. we can speculate that if they have chechen family ties, whether they grew up in chechnya so young, they are not veterans of the chechen wars from 1990s. they may have had some exposure to people who were. melissa: they came here speak seeking asylum. that is how they got their documents and that is how at least one became a naturalized citizen, this is relevant they were told they were fleeing that country. >> they would one of those narratives is an islamist extremist terrorist story, even if they had no exposure in person in chechnya, what may have happened, you know being isolated, feeling disgruntled in u.s., they went on-line could they speak language, they may have been radicalized through web forms. melissa: peter, we care abo
announcing it is firing up a nuclear reactor that can make atomic bombs. peter brookes, heritage foundation. good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: why is behind this decision and why? >> it is latest of ratcheting up tensions in north korea but the short answer, nobody, meaning the united states and south korea, haven't run to north korea to say, please tell us what we can do, we'll do anything for you to stop doing what you're doing. that's the reason but the south and the united states have pushed back on north korea. so this is just the latest opportunity for them to increase tensions, increase the temperature on the korean peninsula. bill: what does north korea need? i'm looking at 598 major nuclear facilities that includes, five for nuclear enrichment. it is tested a nuclear device three times since 2006. estimated the north korea has enough separated plutonium for at least half a does nuclear weapons. if this facility goes back on line i read they could produce one nuclear bomb per year. does that square about what you know? >> that sound about right. the important thing is what
in syria. peter brookes, former cia officer and senior fellow of national security affairs at the heritage foundation just wrote about the potential chechen connection. we have be real, careful, peter, just because someone is chechl chen doesn't mean they're islamist militants. we have very few fact in the case and. one is that they're chechen and one is that they're muslim. what are we supposed to make of those facts? >> you're right, jenna, we have to be careful here. we do know that part of the world has been a very highly terror-afflicted. there are islamist militants there. they are involved in places beyond chechnya as you mentioned. in syria, they were in afghanistan. i'm very concerned, jenna about the fact that the russians notified us in 2011 about the older brother but they must have something, must have been going on before 2011. he must have had some sort of contact with the, somebody in that, in russia, itself that he came onto the russians radar. so he must have been in touch with someone the russians were surveilling. of course in 2012, the older brother spent six months th
updates as we get them. again. all over this story. right now we want to bring in peter brook's two works for the cia as a former deputy assistant secretary of defense. how critical is it that the 90 year-old brother of tamerlan tsarnaev be caught alive? >> well, is important. there is still some months that we don't know about this. is there a firm international connection? with a self radicalized? what motivated them? are there more potential terrorist attacks in the future? other part of the sleeper so? is the picture gets more clear new information makes a blurry, and there is just so much that we need to know. getting a hold of him and the freaking get informational tell us a lot. dagen: of course we mentioned the city has been on virtual lock down the public transition down. all of your major ones. so closed for today. amtrak service was closed down. people told by the governor of the state to stay indoors. boston and the surrounding areas. how critical is that? how critical is it that for these authorities to be a will to do their job? >> well, first of all, is public safety, of co
are really on the brink of nuclear war. heritage foundation's senior fellow peter brooks writing today, it's highly unlikely the missiles north korea is mobilizing have the ability to successfully target south korea or japan or the united states, but he goes onto warn this saying, quote, before you start your happy dance assuming north korea is going to launch a missile in an open ocean test the missile may pass over japan a less than fully successful flight test could result in missile debris falling on japanese territory causing death or destruction on the ground. the u.s. isn't free or clear either. while the u.s. mainland might be out of missile range guam is within reach of the missile type it has moved to its east coast. peter king is our guest now. i had no idea you had a happy dance. among the scenarios that are very serious here with north korea you say the most dangerous one is that kim jong un has delusions of grand you're that could -- grandeur that could be. why do you consider that the most dangerous of all scenarios. >> i worry he may be on the verge of or have delusion of g
speaker cards, dr. espinola jackson, erica brooks. bernie, sue vaughan. michelle meyers. and peter cohan. >>> good afternoon, dr. espinola jackson, bayview hunters point. i want to make sure it's part of the record, and that you're able to read what's here. in recent years we have [speaker not understood] impacts linked with the projects [speaker not understood]. we must also factor in the precautionary principles as the ordinance that permit us to have a project and impact, be it [speaker not understood] animal or humans. the san francisco planning department [speaker not understood] because this has been going on for sometime and you might not have been here. but san francisco planning department again and again has sent a wrong signal to those that want to circumvent a holistic planning practice, not giving credibility to c-e-q-a and precautionary principles. this department did this with lennar and partial a at the san francisco shipyard as well as the recent approved wellness center [speaker not understood] in san francisco. all this was done without giving consideration to seniors,
shane of the "new york times", rosa brooks a professor at law at georgetown and peter singer, he is director of 21st century security and intelligence at the brookings institution. here in new york michael boyle, he was formerly a counterterrorism advisor to president obama. i am pleased to have all of them here to talk about this. i begin with michael boyle. explain how this became and why, you know, a crucial element of the battle against terrorism on the part of the obama administration. >> well, i think the obama administration confronted a unique series of difficulties when they came into office. the one thing is there was growing instability in pakistan which made rely on pakistan's government much more difficult. the second as we know hamid karzai in afghanistan has also been becoming more and more difficult for the united states to deal with. i think drones began to look like a very attractive way of dealing with a terrorism problem in afghanistan and in pakistan, in part because dealing with the government's was so difficult and costly to do. in a relatively short period
worked on procuring funds to fund an educational trip to washington, d.c., brooks, he did that last year and doing it again this year and we work with st. peter's school to fund for class sweat shirts. we had a conflict with the color and style. mission officers took the reigns and raised funds to get sweat shirts for those students. we provided interviews for their program. we hosted star kings elementary program. we coached our officers coached basketball and baseball. we've worked with merchants to facilitate christmas toy drives and participated in summer reading programs. the next slide will give you an idea of some of the events going on here in our mission. last year we hosted 217 special events. those were coordinated by our very capable sergeant chandler and they range from small block party street closures all the way up to large events which the carnival, pride, sin cinco de mayo and halloween. this next slide will give you an idea of some of the neighborhood a lielgs that alliances that we have on the mission and work with these groups on a regular basis. the next slide will
said, a very diverse neighborhood. friendly place. i have lived here for four years. >> peter hanley, thank you so much. back to you. >> elizabeth, we'll come back to you. we'll come back in a second. to brooke baldwin, a block away on the phone. brooke, what are you seeing? >> i am staring down the street, norfolk street, where the two suspects apparently lived, and a 40s man, perhaps the father. i'm staring at a huge swarm of black suvs, just in the past couple of minutes, fbi agents out of the car, we've seen guns, walking down norfolk, walking toward the scene, but we cannot access. to set the scene, there are dozens of members of the press sort of watching and waiting to see what's going on. we've been watching agents go toward this home, toward this aarmt, we have seen families, babies, dogs, being walked away, we know this whole area has been evacuated. two things i want to get across. i'm staring at an ambulance at the very end of the street. is someone in it? i don't know, lights are blinking, and also a big black suv that actually now pulled away. blinking as well. and a co
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)